Food Services

We maintain strict regulations and guidelines in the case of highly perishable commodity to ensure the supply of safe and sustainable products to market. Inspecta Bangladesh Limited offers you suit perishable commodity inspection services to tackle the unique challenges in the supply chain.

To ensure food safety, we offer a full range of services in inspection, testing, certification. We provide quality and safety support to your unique operation, offering services from the farms to packaging and the supermarket shelves to ensure your product provides transparency, consistency, product integrity, traceability and sustainability along its journey.

To ensure the quality and safety requirements our inspectors offers you a complete solution:

Final Random Inspection (FRI):

Product samples are taken randomly and inspect at the end of the production process and before shipment to ensure that all required quality & safety specifications have been met.

Loading Supervision (LS):

Our inspector inspect the final products during the loading process to ensure required quality & Safety specification are load and transport to the destination.