Agriculture Services

Choose Inspecta Bangladesh Limited as your trusted custom writtings partner for quality and safety solution and gain a competitive advantage in the international crops market.

Inspecta Bangladesh Limited offers a suite of agricultural commodity inspection services that reduces your risk and ensures quality and safety to your business.

We deliver value added services that help answer my homework you to develop business, reduce risks & time with free up valuable resources.

Our specialist Inspectors Offer suit agricultural commodity inspection services include:
• Pre-shipment inspection
• Hatch Fitness inspection
• Draft survey of vessel
• Supervision of loading into container & vessel
• Cargo weight determination
• Verification of packing
• Product sampling, analysis

Discharge port inspection:
• Draft survey
• Tally/ unstuffing supervision
• Sampling, grading and weight verification
• Photographic reporting

Weighing and Sampling:
• Weighing Supervision
• Sampling & Analysis

Laboratory testing:
• Complete physical and chemical analysis
• Standard specific capabilities
• Product Grading
• Heavy metals
• Pesticide residue and contamination analysis

As our specialist inspectors are certified by International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA), we are devoted to bring integrity consistency and transparency at work. Our integrated services provide seamless support to your business locally & internationally.